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Author: Stefano

Is it ever happened to you that your health insurance company tells you ... bugger off.. Pay your bills yourself!!
Yes.. You might answer.. It happened to me last time I went for the 135th time to the physiotherapist... yes somebody else can add.... It happened to me last time I claimed my facial hair removing session.. at the Aesthetician's!..

Well the reason they refused the payment of my bill from the hospital for a small check up was quite tricky.. "Sorry Sir, thanks for your invoice, but... YOU DO NOT EXIST in our database, therefore kindly pay the bill yourself".

That is quite hard to swallow, considering that both I and my employer pay (since years) to the insurance every month a ridiculously big amount of money.

Happy end: after no less than 6 phone calls I convinced them to pay the bill.
The reason for the mistake: in 2000 I was insured under the same company but I was working for a different employer (ESA), in 2001 I went to work for a different employer (EPO) but the insurance remained the same.

The insurance could, strangely only for this bill, not handle the fact that I changed employer and therefore they simply thought that since I was not working anymore with the previous employer, I was not insured with them anymore.

Comment by Mauro

This sounds a lot like LostIdentity that happened to me !

Databases seem to loose their memory some times.

Leave this line and the following lines in place!

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