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Big Bottoms?

Date: August 2007
Author: Mauro

First episode

We ordered 2 new sofas on 2/12/2006, one 3-seater and one 1.5-seater. We received them on 12/3/2007 according to promises. They are really nice, aren't they?

Funny enough, on 8/3/2007, a few days before the sofas were delivered, a man rang at my door saying that he came to repair a sofa because we reported a fault, as the work order demonstrated. He left after I showed him the empty living room. "Strange", I thought.

Even more funny, Ellis and I cannot fit in the sofa together, which was a little bit disappointing. A 1.5 seater is not a 2-seater, but we still expected to fit in it, if we squeezed a little bit...

Second episode

On 19/8/2007 I went back to the shop to order a 2-seater to complete the living room. The attendant was so kind to let me seat on a sofa like the one I wanted to buy, as we were filling in the order.

When I saw the 1.5 seater my eyes popped out. It looked bigger than the supposedly 1.5 seater I have at home. I thought "Keep cool. I must be wrong. This room is different from my living room, so the sofa looks different - of course - but but it's identical."

We filled in all papers for the new order and I specifically asked the attendant to write down the measure of the new sofa on the order - just in case. Also, I took a note of the size of the 1.5 seater from the brochure: 136cm.

Once at home I measured the 1.5 seater I have. Guess what! My 1.5 seater is smaller than specified. They delivered to me 118cm instead of the 136cm I paid for !!!!

I called the shop immediately, but the the attendant who helped me had left already (17h03'). I'll have to call back on Monday. I'll ask them to replace my disabled sofa for a proper 1.5 seater.

Meanwhile, the real good news is that it was not the fault of our big bums if Ellis and I couldn't fit in the sofa together.

Third episode

Date: 7/9/2007, 11:50AM?

I've just spoken with the Customer Support Service for the second time. After
insisting they promised they will reimbourse me 120EUR on my old order !!!!
This money should be in my account in 2-3 weeks. Let's see.

Do not assume it was easy to get this money out of them. I had to insist
and complain harshly and it sounded like they had the offer ready on their
table but they were sitting on it until I pushed them.

Their explanation:
1. they have produced brochure,
2. they have produced some sofas (including the 136cm sofa in their shop),
3. I order my sofa
4. they have changed manufacturer
5. new manufacturer makes smaller sofas
6. they send me small sofa

My argument:
7. I pay big sofa and you give me small sofa
8. I complain (phone)
9. I complain (form)
10. I complain (phone)
11. I complain (phone) with the following points:
a. you advertise a size on brochure (136), and deliver another size (118) -->
this is not acceptable
b. you make me pay big and deliver small --> this is not acceptable
c. in addition, I've already ordered a new sofa from you (deposit already
paid) --> I'm good customer

12. she mutes microphone for 5 seconds
13. she offers a "korting" (discount) of 120EUR of my old order
14. I offer my account number

Let's see if she (I have her name, she cannot run far away) sticks to her

Happy ending

We've received the promised compensation on 15/9/2007 !

Leave this line and the following lines in place!

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