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When the electricity company sent me a bill for a contract I don't have

Date: 26/8/2005
Author: Mauro

In June last year I moved out of the house in Legewerfsteeg and so I closed the contract for the electricity. The renting contract for the house in Rapenburg includes the expenses. It means the owner has the contract with the provider of the electricity and he pays the bill.
Well, the electricity company sent me a bill on that contract a few days ago. I still have to ring up the electricity company.

Second episode
I called them up. It turns out that the first calculation they made was completely wrong and totally unrelated to the actual consumption which I had sent them in the dedicated form. It was just sheer chance that the consumption was not negative! So, I now owe them 170EUR.

It seems bureaucracy has general problems in copying numbers or names from paper into computers (see also DeltaToDedra).
By the way, the handwriting of Italians is quite different from the handwriting of Dutch, so the figure 8 differs dramatically, and the 1 and 7 also differ but are somewhat a smaller cultural shock. Because of that I had my estate agent filing in the form for me - smart, eh? Well, not enough it seems.

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