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Author: Erica

It is official I live here again, but it wasn't easy.
In the netherlands one has to register in the town where one lives. Within 5 days of moving there non the less (Yeah right! springs to mind here)

As I came over from a foreign country the requirements for my regisntration are a bit more strict than usual. It meant a little bit more paperwork. Everything was checked beforehand on the website, so all paperwork that needed to come with us, came with us. Also I had called a few weeks before, and no, we did not need to make an appointment we could come at any time, yes they did have a late night on friday. Well prepared we set off.

Off we go on a Friday evening after battling some interesting traffic jams caused by people leaving town due to the long weekend and the subsequent accidents because of lunacy creeping in. We arrived with about 1.5 hours to spare in a room full of people waiting for all kinds of things.

So finally after about 20-25 minutes it is our turn. We go to the help-desk 5 and put our paperwork forward to the clerk. She's impressed. So far so good.
Then she asks me from which other town I am moving.
My answer I am coming from abroad, from New Zealand. She changes colour slightly. She says, but you can't do that on friday, that is way too much work.
We: where does it say you can't do this on a Friday, not on the website. And we have even called beforehand
She: It doesn't but you can't as it is too much work
We: But I have a Dutch passport.
She: No that does not make a difference - and walks away with my passport to talk to a colleague, then comes back
She: I have had it confirmed cannot be done, I can make an appointment for you though.
We: Well, helpless look ok but can it be done in such a way that only one person can do this as it is a lot of organisation for us with work.
She: Yes I can do that and proceeds to take away our other paperwork to make copies. Then she returns
She: We can do it for you now, you can go to desk 9.
We thank the lady profusely and move to a different desk where another lady proceeds to help us no worries, makes the required copies, prints it all out (yes the fact that it is just me and a resettlement makes it easier) and then we come to the conclusion that she has misspelled my name, but that is a minor that will be adjusted. The whole thing took about 10 minutes flat.
We also thank this lady profusely for her help etc and walk out to get some french fries and some other very unhealthy deep-fried stuff as we were starving by then.

BUT I in between all the huffing and puffing I did get registered. I guess the fact that we did come prepared and had asked the right questions but had been given the wrong information made that they did help us in the end Also the fact that we stayed polite may have helped.
In the mean time we are thinking If lady1 had done it in the time she spent talking to her colleague about it, it would have been done in less time with less stress. Bureaucrats are all the same, but I am not complaining about this one. It is sorted!

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