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Bad tricks of faulty bureaucracy and other mis-haps

Bureaucracy can play such bad tricks on you, that the only thing you can do is to mumble about them with your friend.

The customer services have good procedures in the Netherlands, but often human error creeps into the clock-work and then you can only pray.... or shout !

Table of tricks and mis-haps

19. Double_Charge?: the power of sales

18. Distraint?: Buying a house in Florence... why not

17. Street_pirates: Christmas present without a card!

16. SpareTyre: They are compulsory on a car aren't they?

15. DriversLicense: How to loose your drivers license and still have it

14. Movingback: So I want to move back to the Netherlands

13. You_do_not_exist!.. in our Database: How did I lose for a while my health insurance coverage

12. DishWasher: Repairing the dishwasher

11. NarrowSofa: Big bottoms?

10. Bidet: Bidet

9. DoorOfGarage: The door of the Garage

8. WrongBedHeader: "Don't worry, the size will be right" the attendant told me

7. PigeonsShit: When pigeons shit red - bureaucracy is innocent for once

6. NUONBillNoContract: When the electricity company sent me a bill for a contract I don't have

5. ChargeCancelledCreditCard: When MasterCard charged me the yearly fee of a credit-card I had canceled 2 (two)(twee)(due)(dos) times already

4. MissingTaxReturn: When my tax advisor forgot to file my tax-return

3. CourtToChangeName: When I got a fine (passing a red traffic light) from the police on the wrong name and ended up in court to have it changed

2. LostIdentity: When the town hall of Leiden deleted my name from their database

1. DeltaToDedra: When the bureaucracy turned my diesel-powered Lancia delta into a gasoline-powered Lancia Dedra


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