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The door of the Garage

Date: March '07
Author: Mauro

I ordered a new sliding door for the gagare in January 2007. I made an effort to ensure that the design was exactly the same as the door of the neighbour, so that all garages in the street would look alike.

The technicians came on 8/3/2007 to install the new door. "Brillant, I can easily get in and out of the garage with the motorcycle!". Before they started working I asked if the design was the same as my neighbour, and I pointed at the garage. "Yes, it is", they said. "Good", I smiled at them.

They finished the work by 13hrs, I paid and I dashed to work.

When I got back home after work, I went to see how beatiful my door was. It was beatiful and working beautifully. Unfortunately, it didn't really look like my neighbour's garage: the panels were too high ! You can imagine the rush of blood to my face !

I called the company first thing the next morning. The lady said "Impossible!", but let me just check. When she picked the phone up again she her voice was slightly nervous.

"I'm sorry, we made a terrible mistake. But we can come straight away to fit the right door", she prompted.

"mhmh, well, it's very nice of you, but I'm at work now".

"Oh, no problem then. We'll come this afternoon!", she came back.

"mhmhm, you know, I work 8+hrs a day, so I'll be at work this afternoon too."

"Ops. Maybe your wife is at home.....", she suggested.

"Well, that's even worse because my girlfriend works in Delft, 1hr away from here - and she can't leave the work just like that."

"We really have to come today.", she insisted.

"..... and why is that?"

"Well, the problem is that we have to install your door at another customer on Monday", she admitted. That gave me some leverage.

"Ah, I see. No problem. You can come tomorrow morning." That would be a Saturday by the way.

"No. That's not good because only the owner of the company can work on Saturday", I could feel she started sweating.

I hummed loudly.

"O.....k ............ O.....k...... we'll come tomorrow morning then....."

My door looks and works beautifully now :-))))))) That's the face of a satisfied customer !

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