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Repairing the dishwasher

Date: August 2007
Author: Mauro

We called a technician in April 2007 to fix the dishwasher, he came a couple of times inconclusively, becuase he ordered the wrong replacement rubber ring.

We made a new appointment for a morning in early August; they promised they would come between 9hrs and 13hrs so I took the morning off. I called them at 11hrs and the lady told me the technician was sick. Why didn't she call me the day before?

I made a new appointment for the following week and i asked Ellis to call them up and be angry with them because I was not able to do it properly in Dutch ! I should really learn Dutch...

The day before the next appointment they called up and reported sick again.

We stopped asking them and we're still washing the dishes by hand (September 2007).

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