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When I got a fine (passing a red traffic light) from the police on the wrong name and ended up in court to have it changed

Author: Mauro

Spring 2005, a policeman stopped me because I had passed a red traffic light. I was riding home by motor-cycle after leaving work at 22.45. Considering that
(a) all roads were deserted in all lanes except mine
(b) our lane didn't get the green
(c) 8 cars were already in line in my lane when I got there and
(d) the first car was not on the detection buried loops,
I got impatient after 15 seconds at the red light.

Anyway, fair enough. I played the only reasonable script with the police-man: you are perfectly right, I'm completely wrong. He copied my data from the driving license, but the bill I received at home was on the wrong name, which is a problem, because the bank would reject your bill if I attempted to pay.

So I rang the police and they suggested I sent the ticket back to have the name corrected. I did so.

Result: my case went to court because they understood I wanted to have the ticket canceled !!! The judge rejected my appeal, he had my name corrected on the bill and sent the bill again.

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