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When Master Card charged me the yearly fee of a credit-card I had canceled 2 (two)(twee)(due)(dos) times already

Author: mauro

25/8/2005: I've just been charged the yearly fee of 19EUR for a credit card I canceled twice: the first time at the bank with an employee of the bank (at least she was wearing the uniform of the bank); the second time on the phone with "MasterCard" when I received a replacement for the old one. The reason must be a shift to a new system for increased security of transactions. Well, if they can't get their records of the credit cards right, I wonder how they can get their records of the transactions secure.......
I still have to call 'em up for the third time.

A bank employer made me fill new forms and restructured the set of services I already have into a new cheaper package, smartly leaving out the un-desired credit-card. I told her that that very brilliant package had been already set-up and undone for me another two times because the economic advantage is not very obvious after all. If you have quite a lot of computing power and very many decimal positions in the display of your pocket calculator, you have a slim chance of seeing the last figure of the saving flickering a bit, but no more than that.
She was convinced, so I let her go ahead.
Ah, she also voluntarily proposed to have my 19.50EUR reimbursed to me.

"Chi vivra' vedra'" we say in Italy: those who will live longer than the events, will see how the world will look like.

Update 18/8/2007.
I lived long enough to see that in January 2007 I was still receiving monthly statements from MasterCard. The statements were saying that I had a credit of 19.50EUR. I was a little bit pissed off, so went to the bank again in spring. They adviced I should call "MasterCard", which I did and FINALLY they returned me 19.50EUR and above all, they stopped sending me useless paper.

By the way, I also closed an accound with ABN-AMRO in December 2006. A few months later they charged me the cost of the bank-card thus bringing my account BELOW ZERO! Now, if you know me, you will guess that I quite careful with things like going negative on a bank account.
Anyway, when this happened I went to the bank like a torpedo both for the credit card (see above) and for the account. No effects! So, I went again, this time the conversation was very short and loud. I must have said "You made this shit. You fix it. Now", I turned around and left the office. They listened. So, the account was finally closed, the costs for the bank-card was returned to me together with the passive interests.

Italians also say "Chi la dura la vince". Literally: the one who perseveres wins.

By the way, I can still see (18/8/2007) the account still in my internet banking...

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