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Date: March-July 2007
Author: Mauro

We ordered a bidet for our bathroom in March 2007 together with the rest of the equipment.

The bidet hadn't made yet its way to the Netherlands after a few months, while Rob was putting together the bathroom at full speed. So, Ellis and I started pressing our dealer to urge the factory. In June, when the bidet yet had to appear on earth, we went on a daily schedule of phone calls.

The bidet landed at our dealer's shop in July. Unfortunately, the dealer took off for holiday before we could make an apppointment with Rob (the installator). So, at the time of writing (19/8/2007), the bidet is still captive in the dealer's shop...

Note 1: You have to know that the bidet is not the most common piece of equipment in the Netherlands. Actually, they think it's only for bitches. But Dutches normally don't put napkins on the table when they have dinner, and also any bar and restaurant in the Netherlands would be shut down immediately if the Italian police checked hygiene according to Italian laws, so..... I'm not sure their opinion is relevant when it comes to hygiene.

Note 2: For the records, the only bidet my dealer sold in 2006 was for Matteo (another Italian), but his house is still under construction, so there's still time.......

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