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Tioman is a small island north east of Singapore: 3 hours by car to the harbour of Mersing and then 2 hours of ferry to the island. We then sailed another 15 minutes by speed boat to reach the resort Minang Cove.

We stayed at the resort for 1 week from the 20th of October till 27th which is the end of the season. So, the weather was often overcast and once stormy. When the storm hit us or a storm was above the horizon, the sea became choppy, stirred up the sand and make the water murky. Despite that, the days were pleasant and the temperature was always 28 degrees also in the water. Perfect.

I actually don't dare thinking of a fully sunny day with scorching sun and high temperatures.

Also, the end of the season guaranteed that the resort was all for us. We would drop a book on this chair, then have a swim and lay on the sand, then have a cocktail on that deck-chair, then walk under a sun-shade and finally sit on the dining table. Everything was at our disposal. Perfect.

The personnel could also attend ourselves at any given moment, at a finger snap. Perfect, isn't it?

Snorkeling was our favorite activity. And taking underwater pictures with the waterproof case for the camera was great fun !

We also got the PADI diving licence and enjoyed a few dives with our instructor Simon.

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